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As a freelance illustrator, I currently specialize in editorial and book content.  I have always been someone who enjoys stories of all shapes and sizes, so the editorial realm suits me well. Books with an illustration for every chapter were my favorites growing up, and I would stare at those images before and after I read the chapter, analyzing their style and relationship to the story. Having been such a critic and admirer of illustrations for young-adult fiction has given me a distinct way of approaching adult editorial content. 

Working digitally in Photoshop allows me to fuse the traditional techniques I have learned from oil painting, watercolor and ink into one neat jpeg file. Although my work can be considered cartoon, it is created for young adults and adults alike. Manipulating anatomy allows me to better control composition, emphasize movement, and create a comical dialogue. Tampering with perspective produces tension that makes for a dynamic image that will catch a viewer’s eye. The slapstick stylization I choose to utilize parallels the sense of humor I’ve developed from observing the goings-on in today’s popular culture.